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Red Mustard, Scarlet Frill, Mizuna, Russian Kale, Red Rain.

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As many of you know one of the Sierra Nevada's most famous residents is the Black Bear.  These animals are very curious creatures and also always hungry!  So, in the late spring and early summer the bears are ready to eat.  One of their favorite things is fruit.  This is also the time our stone fruit trees are producing their sweet treats.  The bears want to get to the fruit and the only way they know how is to grab the entire branch and rip it away from the tree and this often destroys the tree.  

Most of the fruit will ripen around the same time and we don't want any of it to go to waste and this is how My Bear Candy came about.  When the fruit is ripe it must all be picked as quickly as possible because the bears will be here looking for it as soon as night falls.  Some of the fruit is sold at Farmer's Markets and some of it is made into delicious jams by our friend Jessica Koslow at her restaurant, Sqirl.  And some of it is made into our unique and wonderful MY BEAR CANDY!

It is a very time consuming process and the temperatures must be 95 degrees or warmer for it to work well.  Each piece of fruit is washed and hand sliced and dipped in organic orange juice.  It is them placed in the warm California sun to dry.  Each evening it must be moved inside as nightly moisture will delay the drying process.  The following morning the cut fruit is brought back out for more sunshine.  The drying process can take 1-3 days depending on temperatures and throughout the drying process we walk up and down the rows of drying racks harvesting each piece as it is perfectly dried.  If pieces are left too long they will burn.

The dried fruit are then packed into bags to be enjoyed.  This tart and sweet treat is a wonderful organic snack for the whole family.