Red Mustard, Scarlet Frill, Mizuna, Russian Kale, Red Rain.

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Our water supply is snow melt and spring water that comes down the Sierra Nevada.  We are the first to use the water and it is not filtered before we use it to create the cleanest organic produce possible.  We are surrounded by cow and horse pastures creating an excellent natural environment full or beneficial pests.  We set up habitats to encourage owls to live and hunt on the farm as a natural rodent control.

We thank our family, friends and customers for their support and love in keeping the dream alive.  

If eating organic is important to you, look for the CCOF label when you shop.


One Thanksgiving weekend many years ago James and a couple of buddies decided to go for a drive.  Driving through the night as the others slept James simply followed his nose.  With the sun rising they found themselves in a beautiful community of a few thousand people spread thinly though the Sierra Nevada foothills.  With three rivers running out of the Sierra Nevada's, the Kaweah, South Fork and North Fork, the ground had nurtured American Indians for thousands of years before the first white men arrived.  James had found the quiet community of Three Rivers.

In the late 1800's Three Rivers was the site of an attempt at a utopian society containing approximately 300 people known as the Kaweah Colony.  Members searched the entire Pacific Coast and parts of Mexico before deciding that the perfect place to settle is the area now known as Three Rivers.  Remnants of the Colony are still present at the Kaweah Post Office, the smallest operational Post Office in the Country.

Since James' discovery of Three Rivers he dreamed of an organic farm in the area.  Dreams became reality in 1989 when it became possible to purchase and begin to work the land.  With a rented tractor the farm began with the planting of 250 Fuji and Gala Apple trees.  In 1991 the farm became Certified Organic and has been thriving ever since.